How to dress when taking Driving Lessons Glasgow

While many people would not tell you this, the way you dress does play an important role in either assisting or distracting you while driving. The reason why many people do not focus on their attire at the time of driving is because they aren’t aware of its importance. As mentioned earlier, such attire could have a say in your driving performance, at the time of driving lessons. We have some of the following points to make, with regards to the clothing that you should wear or avoid at the time of driving:

SANDALS: As the summer sun starts beating down on us, we love to release our feet from the confines of a shoe and roam around in sandals. While it does feel very comfortable to wear sandals all the time, they do not essentially assist your driving. Firstly, sandals can make it difficult for you to handle the car’s pedals. This can be a dangerous situation, as there are high chances that you might over or underestimate the pressure you put on the pedals. They can also get stuck between two of the pedals. All of this means that they make it difficult for you to drive. We would suggest that you wear a closed toe shoe.

TIGHT CLOTHES: Another thing that you would want to avoid is tight clothes. The simple reason for this is that they constraint your movement. For example, if you are wearing a tight long sleeved shirt, you are certainly going to find it difficult to freely move your hands. On the part of the women, we would suggest that they wear clothes that they feel comfortable in. Style could be considered another day, but driving safety should be your first priority.

ACCESSORIES: Wearing sunglasses at the time of driving or taking driving lessons Glasgow is perfectly okay, but wearing a lot of accessories would not be suggestible. As you might have guessed from the conversation till now, we are increasingly focusing on comfort while driving. This is exactly what accessories might hinder. According to us, no frills mean lesser risks of accidents. What more? You should also keep your hair neatly tied and ensure that it does not impede your vision by being in front of your eyes.