The Importance of Driving Lessons Glasgow for Young Drivers

Over the last few years, there has been a debate going on about the safety of young drivers on the roads of Glasgow.  Being newly trained, these drivers sometimes do not follow the rules precisely, and that can lead to collisions.  There are various statistics which back the view that young drivers don’t really add to the safety of the roads:

Insurance: The insurance premiums, that young drivers have been required to pay, are way higher than what is being paid by some of the others on the road.  This signifies the belief of the insurance companies that the more mature drivers are less prone to be involved in accidents.

Accident Rate: According to a research, about one fifth of the accidents that take place in the city of Glasgow, involve individuals between the age of 17 and 24.  This is another fact which speaks volumes about the driving ability of young drivers.

The Government has, therefore, intended to bring about a change in the system.  This is expected to bring down the costs of insurance for young drivers and also escalate the safety on the roads.  Following are certain important points that can be drawn from the proposal:

Minimum Learning Period: The government is toying with the idea of coming up with a minimum learning period that the learners would have to go through before sitting the test. This means that they would get some time to have hands-on experience of the roads and sit their theory before they are tested on their knowledge about the road rules of the city.

Focus on Driving Lessons: Proper driving lessons Glasgow have always been considered important in the city, and have only elevated in the recent times.  The young individuals, learning driving, are now allowed to be trained on motorways and even during adverse weather conditions (or even darkness).  This is to ensure that they become better drivers before they actually hit the roads, all on their own.

Probation Period: The proposal also speaks about the extension of the probationary period from 2 years to 3 years.  This is the period during which the license of the driver can be revoked in case s / he has earned over 6 penalty points.

Rigorous Driving Test: Finally, there was also some discussion about making the driving test more rigorous.  This way, the government would be able to ensure that better trained and more confident individuals make their way onto the roads of Glasgow. These proposed steps by the government might make the city’s roads safer than before.